How you can help:

Donate stuff that we can sell to buy food and medicine for the strays in our care. Click here for details about the Shop & Save project we have.

You can also donate food if you want, blankets and toys for our animals.

Provide temporary shelter: foster, adopt - give a forever good home or just sponsor an animal from the distance.

If you can, you may also chip in with our expenses, you can pick a case or let us decide and either way we will provide the fiscal documents to prove where your donation went to.

You can see some of our bills so far on the dedicated (per month) facebook albums from our profile

We have a Euro account of one of our team members - volunteer Dan (photo top left of the page)
PayPal : [email protected]

We offer you receipts & transparency.
We also have a RON account

RON account: (Account owner: Bejan Cristian Lucian)
Account number (IBAN): RO92BACX0000000063028000
Bank: Unicredit Tiriac Bank.